Computer Network Administration



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This course is intended to equip trainees with the necessary knowledge and fundamental practical skills required in computer network design implementation and administration.

The foundation course in network administration will be offered in 3-months and includes theoretical classes and practical sessions.

The program will comprise of foundational training on network design and administration, with extensive lab work, routing, security analysis, and implementation.


Minimum Requirements: Degree/Diploma/Certificate in ICT related course

Total Fee Payable: Kshs 30,000/-

Duration: This is a 3-month foundation course

Training Modules

What you will learn

  1. Introduction to computer networks
  2. TCP-OSI model
  3. Network Design
  4. Subnetting
  5. Introduction to network simulation
  6. Basic and Advanced Switching
  7. Networking Routing
  8. Network Resource Sharing
  9. Network Monitoring 
  10. Network Security 
  11. Introduction to Firewalls and configuration
Career Opportunities

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Network Administration Assistant


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  • How do I submit my application documents?

    You can send the Application Form with the required documents through hand delivery at Queensway House, 6th Floor or Online via or you can call 0740919191 for any further assistance.

  • What modes of study do you offer?

    The college offers normal classes during the week, evening and weekend classes.

  • What is the fees charged for your courses?

    Fees charged varies per course. The information on the fees for each course is available on our flyers, website, and at our College Campus.

  • Where do I go for general advice on courses to do?

    The admissions desk/HOAA/HODs will give the student information on the various courses that Cytonn College offers prior to admission. Once the student is admitted, they will be advised on actual course registration by HOAA who will help and guide the student till they graduate.

  • How can I transfer to Cytonn College?

    Students intending to transfer from other colleges to Cytonn College must first ensure they meet the minimum entry requirements set out for the respective course. Cytonn College offers credit transfers to students provided proof of having passed the unit is attached.

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