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We are a client-focused fund manager

Established in 2015 and based in Nairobi, Seriani Asset Management Ltd. (SAML) is a client-focused fund management boutique. We work closely with each client to understand and achieve their individual investment objectives, which may range from investment advisory to portfolio management.


Estate Planning

Estate management is a high value service offered as part of the overall “wealth management” product offerings. The service is usually offered to ultra-high net worth individuals, families and institutions. SERIANI shall have a panel of reputable lawyers to ensure water-tight estate plans are developed for clients and the investments are managed at affordable fees.

Investment Advisory

As a licensed fund manager, SERIANI is authorised to offer investment advisory and corporate structuring services to clients. In particular, SERIANI is angling to be the leading institution for the preparation of Investment Policy Statements (IPS) for registered pension schemes.

Unit Trusts

SERIANI will develop differentiated unit trust products for distribution both to local and foreign investors. The three types of unit trust products to be offered to investors include Money Market, Balanced and Equity Market Funds.

Offshore Products

SERIANI will offer its investors an opportunity to invest in products that are registered abroad/offshore. These products will mostly come with a wide arena of investment options and tax advantages. We are in contact with credible international investment houses which could ultimately yield successful partnerships.

Private equity

The team at SERIANI has wide experience in the structuring of private equity transactions and will aggressively support investors in this line. Key services will be in deal origination, structuring, negotiation and execution of private equity deals. In due course, SERIANI will develop a Private Equity Fund to mobilise house and third party funds for onward investment in private equity opportunities.

Portfolio Management

This involves a review of potential investment opportunities for clients and creating an optimal portfolio for realizing superior returns. SERIANI is set up to provide flexibility to the clients regarding their specific short and long term financial objectives. Management of the portfolio will largely be discretionary but investors will be kept abreast with the investment activities on a regular basis.

Our Team:

Seriani comprises of vastly experienced and reputable professionals with relevant expertise and a demonstrated track record within the Kenyan fund management space.

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